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Swatch Cheat Sheet

The Swatch Cheat Sheet was born out of my attempt to keep things organised and uniform during the swatching process.

What is it?
All your initial design thoughts, swatch ideas and notes in one place.  No need to keep in mind what notes to jot down every time you swatch – just follow the prompts.


How do I use it?
Fill out the sheet in bits and pieces, from initial thoughts through blocking. Use the sheet as a reminder of your next step in the swatching process and as a guide to understanding your swatch.


Storage ideas.
a) Print the Cheat Sheet out on cardstock, fill it out and file with the swatches made.
b) Take a picture of your filled out Cheat Sheet and swatch, upload it to your project page on Craftsy/Ravelry!


Your notes will be an important part of your Design Style Sheet should you choose to write a pattern.


Please note that this is a two page, more detailed version of the Draft Design Sheet.

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