When thinking up a design with any skein of yarn*, the first two questions I ask myself are, "Will a beginner knitter be able to make this?  Perhaps with a little practice?"


Then comes the thought, 'How about someone with a little more experience, who wants to make something fast and pretty for themselves or as a gift?'


Above questions + gorgeous yarns + simple stitches = NitaB&NishaN Design Concept


*Note that most patterns require just 1 skein of yarn!

Our Mike&Meera Line

A happy burst of color - the accessories in this line are 'grown up' versions of designs that have been dancing in my head since college!  


Pieces are meant to be simple, elegant, versatile, quick and easy to make. Maybe use a different color thread, skip the sequins, add matching beads and you have a masculine version!


This collection named itself - Mike was probably the happiest guy I went to college with. The sole girl in most of my classes, I would get picked on by a couple guys, but Mike always stuck up for me - kindness I will never forget.  Sadly, Mike passed on, during our senior year.  Reminiscing my college days always brings back happy memories of Mike. Meera is just a name I have loved since college!